SuperSizeGuy Adventures in Alaska

Jimmy and Chloe set the stage for great new show in Liarsvill

It's been less than a week since I have made the trip from Orlando Florida to Skagway Alaska. But I have to tell you it was a pretty impressive trip 18 hours of travel in one day and 5 the nextBut I have made it to this beautiful state!

This is the view I wake up to every single morning absolutely breathtaking

Upon arrival to Alaska I was created by an old friend Jimmy Johnson has taken on the role or should I say one of his many roles as show director for amazing unique look into the history of the Klondike gold rush here where all started in Skagway. Liarsville Village and gold panning has a new show in its almost world famous Hippodrome theater. But nothing beats the smell of a crackling fire and the taste of hot Apple cider is you hear the stories and get the chance to find gold yourself.

But before you see the show I hope you brought your appetite because they have some of the most succulent salmon you will ever taste with an all you can eat salmon Roast. As you sit and listen to Some toe tapping music you will actually watch the salmon be cooked before your very eyes.When traveling this way this is a must see attraction.Delicious food great entertainment and the opportunity to Pan for gold a true Alaskan adventure all in the open air!

My adventure is beginning is well not only will I be driving the bus bringing guest from Skagway to our Liarsville Location this week I've had the opportunity to become a tour guide and hummer expert as we whisk you away and give you the opportunity to drive a 4 wheel drive hummer from Alaska to Canada with beautiful vistas to take photos that will last a lifetime I have to say that I have really enjoyed this tour because not only do you go up in the mountains but you end up in a beautiful little Canadian town it's great to watch the wildlife such as moose bear and mountain goat.

It's hard to believe that I will spend 5 short months here and that over 800000 guest will travel through the port By October 15th the population of this town will go From 1500 seasonal residents down to 800 year round residents. It truly shows the impact that a community can have on tourism or should I say the impact that tourism can have on a community the people here are friendly the lifestyle is very laid back the fact is that is shown as the last cruise ship passenger gets on the boat the street corners roll up only a handful of establishments stay open and most have closed up by 10:30 at night but we get an early start here my day normally starts about 6:00 a.m.. Thank you for following my journey I look forward to sending more pictures and if you'd like to learn more about what I'm doing feel free to follow my page like my social media and share my story!

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