Tea Time at Walt Disney World Resort can be a Supersize Adventure!!!!

One of the Walt Disney World resort hidden gems is teatime at the Grand Floridian. Early in the afternoon, they open up a special area in the Grand Floridian for a unique experience. It is very obvious as soon as you walk in the room that this is not your ordinary Disney experience: the food is exquisite and the atmosphere is very relaxed, even though children are allowed, it is very much an adult experience. With a price tag starting at $35 per person going up to $150 a couple, it makes for the perfect afternoon.

Children will be served the Mrs. Potts tea, which is assorted sandwiches and homemade pastries.

The Bedfordshire Tea, is only $35; it is the traditional afternoon tea experience including: a medley of finger sandwiches, traditional scone with the accompaniments, and a choice of an amazing dessert.

The Cheshire Tea experience for $50 a person includes: finger sandwiches, traditional scone with accompaniments, and a selection of fruits and imported cheeses.

But if you are looking for the ultimate date experience, the Berkshire Tea is the biggest package which includes: finger sandwiches, traditional scone with accompaniments, choice of dessert, and locally sourced mode marine Ciprian sturgeon North American caviar.

I highly suggest that you make an early afternoon reservation and spend at least two hours enjoying your tea and food. It is very relaxing and just about 4 o’clock you’ll be serenaded by the sounds of the piano playing in the grand foyer of the Grand Floridian hotel. The price and the value of this is truly a super size adventure that I would highly recommend.

Will see you in the parks!

At this time they are excepting tables in Wonderland and Disney annual passholder discount.


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