The Park’s Are Opening

As the parks start to reopen what will it look like what we are social distancing due to the guest experience? Over the last week Mary and I have experienced both #DisneySprings and #UniversalStudios here in Orlando.

The Disney springs experience seems a little more low-key people go through a temperature check and security in the parking garage prior to being allowed into disney’s shopping area however the majority of guest seem to immediately be taking their masks off and social distancing doesn’t seem to be a priority to the guest. The cast members are completely covered and seem to be very well trained in social distancing and safety protocol. But disney being Disney and feels like they do not want to enforce the mask rule.

Universal Studios of really seems to take social distancing and mask use very seriously after you go through your temperature checked out on CityWalk UNIVERSAL has team members that are walking around to kindly remind people to keep their mascon unless they are consuming food or drink. when it comes to experiencing attractions a lot of the attraction cues are wide open with the 6 foot reminder on the floor a lot of pre-shows are now just walk-throughs with 10 to 15 minute weights for attractions It was great seeing life entertainment back in the parks at universal we had the opportunity to catch the Blues Brothers show and it was amazing as always!

there has been a lot of arguments back-and-forth about using masks in the park I will tell you that it was extremely hot and it was hard to breathe on several occasions. But if it’s going to be a rule to keep the parks open UNIVERSAL truly has outdone Disney so far it will be interesting to see if Disney is able to follow suit. Seaworld is a scheduled To open and from what I’ve heard their protocols are very much like UNIVERSAL’s get out and support the parks enjoy your day and stay safe and healthy



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