Will being a person of size stop you from enjoying this years hottest theme park attractions?

Super Size Guy, Chad Ridge, and Miryam Plum aka Mary with Men in Black characters at Universal Studios Orlando Resort.

With all the excitement about to happen in central Florida theme parks, I have been getting alot of questions from super sized guest asking if they will be able to ride the new attractions coming into the parks. The simple answer is that, we will know when I am granted access to the press viewing of these upcoming attractions. However, Disney, Universal Studios, and Sea World work tirelessly to accommodate as many guests including guests with disabilities to make sure they have the most pleasurable experience.

Diagon Alley at Universal Studios Orlando. Photo credit @MiryamPlum

Universal Studios with the opening of the Wizarding world at Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios Orlando as well as Disney’s Pandora at the Animal Kingdom are good examples of how theme parks are accommodating guest of size and guest with disabilities. Specifically, the scenery and decorations designed for each of the worlds is so wonderous and awe inspiring that even just going through the queue of the attraction is an awesome experience in itself. I encourage you to experience the world, the theming, the decorations, and the queue even if you are unable to board the ride. Share that awesome experience with your family and enjoy your surroundings.

Happily Ever After Light Show at the Magic Kingdom. Photo Credit @MiryamPlum

All of the new major attractions at central Florida’s theme parks now have test ride seats. Since everyone is different, one may fit one some rides and not others. Therefore, I suggest trying out these test ride seats prior to trying to board the ride to save any possible embarrassment of not fitting. If you find that you do not fit in the test ride seat, do not let it stop you from enjoying the journey of the thematic world and queue with your friends and family.

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See you you in the Parks!

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